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How to Prepare for your Product Photo Shoot

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Preparing for your product photo shoot is essential, whether you are collaborating with a professional photographer or opting to take the photos yourself. Here are my top tips to assist you in getting ready for your shoot:

Research and Inspiration

Start by gathering inspiration for your photo shoot. Explore online portfolios, websites, and social media platforms like Pinterest to discover different styles and settings that resonate with your vision and will appeal to your target audience.

Create a Shot List


  • How many photographs you require.

  • The type of photographs you need.

  • Where your photographs will be utilised.

  • The aspect ratio, resolution, and format of the images you require.

  • The product combinations you require.

Props and Backdrops

Pay attention to background styles, props, and colour schemes that appeal to you and align with the mood you want to convey in your photos. Most photographers will have a wide variety of props and backdrops available for use during your photoshoot.

Communication is Key

Maintaining open communication is crucial for a successful photo shoot. Share your ideas and preferences with your photographer to ensure your visions are aligned.

If you'd like to discuss how I can help bring your vision to life, please get in touch.

Thank you for stopping by.



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